Using a Second Phone Number and Other Ways to Improve Your Sales on Craigslist

Dec 31, 2012 17:09:01Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Using a Second Phone Number and Other Ways to Improve Your Sales on Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the best places to get rid of household items that you no longer need, but it can be a competitive marketplace, particularly for those who live in cities. If you're trying to sell a microwave, for instance, but find that there are already 40 for sale in your city, five of which are the same brand, you'll have to work hard to make your posting stand out. Using a second phone number is just one of several methods you can employ to boost your chances on Craigslist.

1. Avoiding Security Snags
Craigslist is home to some of the most devious scammers on the net, and running afoul of one of these malicious individuals is a good way to permanently ruin your traction on the website. Falling victim to a scam can put your computer out of commission, and if you spread the virus to others, you may find that your user name or email address gets slammed on the website, making it less likely that you'll sell items in the future. Adding an additional phone number to your mobile device is one way to ward off scammers, as you can use the disposable number to manage your Craigslist contacts and get rid of it if it becomes compromised. In a similar vein, you may want to create an email account specifically for the website, as many forms of Craigslist malware are sent via email.

2. Pictures Are a Must
When you upload a post onto Craigslist, users can see whether or not you've added photos of your item before they click on the link leading to your post. Many savvy users on the site skip right over postings that don't include images, so be certain to always take several clear, accurate photographs of whatever it is your selling. This will give you a leg up on all of those individuals who have failed to get out their digital camera before uploading to the site.

3. Choose Your Headline Wisely
The headline of your posting can make or break your chances of selling something on Craigslist. The title of the advertisement needs to be catchy, clear and informative. Don't try to be too clever - overly enigmatic headlines can be irritating or misleading. So instead of writing something like "Food Always Getting Cold? I Have the Solution for You...," which is clever but confusing, try something like "Slightly Used Microwave for Sale at a Great Price."

4. Remember Your Grammar Lessons
When composing the body of your advertisement, use full sentences, proper punctuation and forget any text shorthand - users want to know that the seller they're dealing with is competent. If users see that you can't pull off a clear sentence, odds are they won't expect you to make a solid deal, either.

Craigslist competition can be a hassle, but these smart tips can make the process a lot easier. If you want to make a sale, don't rush your advertisement - instead, take your time, and you'll likely reap the benefits later.