Tips for Keeping Your Mobile Privacy

Tips for mobile privacy

When you first get that shiny, new cell phone, you are likely thinking about all of the features it has, and not how you can put your mobile identity at risk. You may be surprised by how much personal information you store on your phone but once you figure it out, the issue of mobile privacy and security will be in the forefront of your mind. Here are a few tips to keep your cell phone privacy intact.

  • Use a strong password and always the lock device. Strong, lengthy passwords go a long way, as they can protect your data in case your phone is lost or stolen. By locking the device and requiring a code to get back in, you can keep criminals or untrustworthy coworkers and everyday people from accessing data such as bank accounts or email information.
  • Be wary of questionable applications. An application may look like fun, but if it seems questionable in any way, it is not worth the risk. Some applications are complete with malware - once you download them, they may allow a virus to spread on the device. What's more, in some cases users may not know their phones have been hacked.
  • Keep away from unknown links. Spamming through both text messages and emails can create more of a stir than just a simple annoyance. If something seems off about an email or text from a coworker or friend, don't click on it! With one simple click, you can give a hacker access to your phone's information and compromise your mobile privacy.
  • Don't forget to delete data. Clearing out data may seem like common sense, but that is far from the truth. Everyone wants an upgrade to the next, best iPhone or Android device, but do not forget to delete the information on your former device. You don't want to give anyone the opportunity to access any existing data on the phone.

Do you want to go that extra mile to ensure your mobile privacy is safe? Opting for a second phone number may be the perfect solution for you. This additional number does not require another device nor is it just call forwarding, it simply links up to your cell phone. This allows the user to keep his or her personal and professional lives separate, as it can block calls and numbers at certain times of the day. You can now get this all FREE for 7 Days.

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