The Best Dating Advice for Women

Safe Dating Advice for Women

Let's face it - the dating world can be a confusing and dangerous place. While the internet and smart phones make the quest for romance easier in some ways, technology can also complicate matters. Women who are looking for love must always play it safe and smart, whether they're dating a friend of a friend or someone they met through an online channel like or OKCupid. Here is some dating advice for women that may help you navigate the tricky waters of romance.

Getting connected

The first step of dating is finding others who share the same interests as you. This is often easier said than done, but there are certain ways you can narrow your search. Asking friends to help you find romance is one option, as your loved ones probably know you better than anyone else. However, some people are not comfortable dating within their own social circle, in which case online dating may be a preferable option. There are many websites out there that cater to specific segments of the population. For example, is meant specifically for people of Jewish faith, while is intended for older adults looking for love. Whatever site you choose, be sure to follow our online dating advice for women to avoid being scammed or otherwise harmed.

Dating advice for women to help them stay safe

While your main goal when diving into the dating pool may be to find a partner, you must always keep your personal safety at the forefront of your mind. Unfortunately, there are people out there who may threaten your well-being. In the online world, scammers often pose as potential suitors in order to coax women to give out their personal data. In the real world, going on dates with people you don't know well brings its own set of dangers. It's important to always meet new acquaintances in a public place, and be sure to let a close friend or family member know where you're going and when you expect to return home. Don't ever give out personal information like your address or cell phone number to someone you don't know well - instead, use a virtual phone number to help keep a healthy distance between yourself and unfamiliar men.

Dating should be an exhilarating and fun experience, but if you don't set boundaries and keep safety in mind, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Remember these pieces of dating advice for women, and you'll be on the fast track to romantic success.