A Single Woman Enters the Bar...

We here at MyAKA take privacy very seriously but at the same time we realize that sometimes the best way to get a point across is through humor. I.E. something which is short, sweet and funny in this A.D.D. world of ours. And so, we present the first of many in an infographic series. This, being the trials of a gal in the bar, followed by some tips and tricks for avoiding such a cast of characters.

How to Handle Unwanted Attention at the Bar

The bar is an ideal setting for singles, but if you're looking for love with a beer in your hand it's always a good idea to go in prepared. We all know alcohol lowers your inhibitions, but you shouldn't let it lower your standards. For every decent catch in a bar, there are at least half a dozen people you'll want to avoid like the plague. Unfortunately, you may sometimes find yourself stuck in conversation with an undesirable match. So what do you do when you get caught in a bad situation?

Did they ask for your phone number?

While you always reserve the right to say no, you might find yourself unsure of how to handle the situation when someone you're not that into asks for your digits. If part of you wants to turn them down, but another part doesn't want to be rude - such as if you're talking to a nice person who simply isn't your type - a second mobile number would come in handy. These days, the fake number trick doesn't always work. Your pursuer may suggest calling one another's phones to exchange information. This trick makes it impossible to make up a number. However, you can use a second phone number, which will raise no suspicion. Then you'll be able to block or ignore calls from this person until they get the hint.

Are they simply intolerable?

There's a spectrum of personalities who haunt the bar scene, many of whom you may find repulsive. If one of them attempts to hit on you, the gentle let-down might not be effective enough. For the overeager, you may have to be firm and clear in your dismissal. Whether you lie and say you're seeing someone or you choose brutal honesty, the sooner you make your intentions clear, the easier it will be to get away. Check out our infographic to see some of the personalities you'll want to avoid the next time you go out.

Do you have an exit strategy?

With so many undesirable singles hanging out at bars, it's always good to have a contingency plan. If you bring friends, work out some sort of a signal so they can save you from an uncomfortable conversation. When venturing out alone, make a point to keep visual contact with a bouncer. If things take a turn for the worse, you'll be able to get their help. Otherwise, you can try to assess the situation when you arrive and do your best to steer clear of the creepers altogether.

Are you unsure if your drink is clouding your judgment?

Sometimes, under the influence of a few beers, you might see someone differently than if you were stone sober. Whether you use a service such as MyAKA or not, always trust your gut. If you're starting to feel unsure or uneasy about the situation, grab your friends and exit stage left. There will be other nights to meet Mr. Right.

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Until next time remember, a safe evening makes for an enjoyable evening.

The MyAKA Team