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Syndromes are most often caused by a single etiologic agent purchase 0.05% tretinoin cream with amex, such as a viral infection or specific chromosomal abnormality generic tretinoin cream 0.05% with amex, which simultaneously affects several tissues. Polydactyly (one or more extra digits) and syndactyly (fusion of digits), both of which are illustrated in A, have little functional consequence when they occur in isolation. Similarly, cleft lip (B), with or without associated cleft palate, is compatible with life when it occurs as an isolated anomaly; in the present case, however, this child had an underlying malformation syndrome (trisomy 13) and expired because of severe cardiac defects. The stillbirth illustrated in C represents a severe and essentially lethal malformation, where the midface structures are fused or ill-formed; in almost all cases, this degree of external dysmorphogenesis is associated with severe internal anomalies such as maldevelopment of the brain and cardiac defects. Disruptions occur in a normally developing organ because of an extrinsic abnormality that interferes with normal morphogenesis. In the illustrated example, note the placenta at the right of the diagram and the band of amnion extending from the top portion of the amniotic sac to encircle the leg of the fetus. Of these, approximately 90% are inherited in an autosomal dominant or recessive pattern, while the remainder segregates in an X-linked pattern. Not surprisingly, many of the mutations that give rise to birth defects involve abrogation of function of genes involved in normal organogenesis and development. For example, holoprosencephaly is the most common developmental defect of the forebrain and midface in humans (see Chapter 28); mutations of sonic hedgehog, a gene involved in developmental patterning (see below), have been reported in a subset of patients with [3] holoprosencephaly. Environmental Causes Environmental influences, such as viral infections, drugs, and irradiation, to which the mother was exposed during pregnancy may cause fetal malformations (the appellation of "malformation" is loosely used in this context, since technically, these anomalies represent disruptions). Among these, the rubella virus and cytomegalovirus are the most extensively investigated. With all viruses, the gestational age at which the infection occurs in the mother is critically important. The at-risk period for rubella infection extends from shortly before conception to the 16th [4] week of gestation, the hazard being greater in the first 8 weeks than in the second 8 weeks. The incidence of malformations is reduced from 50% to 20% to 7% if infection occurs in the first, second, or third month of gestation. The fetal defects are varied, but the major tetrad comprises cataracts, heart defects (persistent ductus arteriosus, pulmonary artery hypoplasia or stenosis, ventricular septal defect, tetralogy of Fallot), deafness, and mental retardation, referred to as rubella embryopathy. Intrauterine infection with cytomegalovirus, mostly asymptomatic, is the most common fetal viral infection. This viral disease is considered in detail in Chapter 8 ; the highest at-risk period is the second trimester of pregnancy. Because organogenesis is largely completed by the end of the first trimester, congenital malformations occur less frequently than in rubella; nevertheless, the effects of virus-induced injury on the formed organs are often severe. Involvement of the central nervous system is a major feature, and the most prominent clinical changes are mental retardation, microcephaly, deafness, and hepatosplenomegaly. A variety of drugs and chemicals have been suspected to be teratogenic, but perhaps less than 1% of congenital malformations are caused by these agents. The list includes thalidomide, [5] folate antagonists, androgenic hormones, alcohol, anticonvulsants, warfarin (oral anticoagulant), and 13-cis-retinoic acid used in the treatment of severe acne. For example, thalidomide, [6] once used as a tranquilizer in Europe, caused an extremely high frequency (50% to 80%) of limb abnormalities in exposed fetuses. Affected infants show growth retardation, microcephaly, atrial septal defect, short palpebral fissures, maxillary hypoplasia, and several other minor anomalies. While cigarette smoke-derived nicotine has not been convincingly demonstrated to be a teratogen, there is a high incidence of spontaneous abortions, premature labor, and placental abnormalities in pregnant smokers; babies born to smoking mothers often have a low birth weight and may be prone to sudden infant death syndrome (see later).

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Fractures involving the articular surface or that change the way that stress is loaded on a joint also may result in degenerative joint disease tretinoin cream 0.05% visa. Ligament or cartilage damage or both frequently accompany intraarticular fractures tretinoin cream 0.025% on-line. Soft-tissue swelling; avulsion fracture fragments at the site of joint capsule, ligament, or 556 Small Animal Radiology and Ultrasonography Fig. There is a complete disruption of the elbow with the radius and ulna displaced laterally. Weight-bearing or stress radiographs may be required to demonstrate the extent of the joint instability. In most cases of joint trauma, secondary degenerative joint disease will occur despite treatment. Complete or partial tearing of the cranial cruciate ligament is the classic model for secondary degenerative joint disease. The second phase reveals the emergence of periarticular osteophytes on the femoral epicondyles, the trochlear ridges, and the medial and lateral tibial plateau regions (see Fig. During this phase the medial collateral ligament will become thickened, so-called medial buttressing, which is best seen in the anteroposterior or posteroanterior views (see Fig. An enthesiophyte, mineralization of the origin or insertion of a ligament or tendon, will develop cranial to the tibial intercondylar eminence and is best visualized on the lateral view (see Figs. This enthesiophyte is at the location where the cranial cruciate ligament and the anterior meniscal ligaments attach. These fragments should be identified because they reflect the extent of the soft-tissue injury and affect the patient’s prognosis. With coxofemoral dislocations, avulsion fractures may occur at the fovea capitis due to ligamentum teres rupture. These fragments and the associated soft-tissue injury can complicate reduction of the dislocation. Alignment between the ilium and sacrum is best judged by tracing the medial aspect of the ilium from the acetabulum cranially to the point at which it joins the sacrum. Fractures of the sacrum or ilium may be present; however, luxation without fracture is more common. A, There is a luxation of the proximal intertarsal joint (black arrows) and moderate soft-tissue swelling in the area. B, the dorsoplantar view reveals the soft-tissue swelling but the luxation is obscured. Hip dysplasia is a multifactorial, clinically complex arthropathy with structural alterations of the coxofemoral joints. Any or all of the radiographic changes of canine hip dysplasia, including shallow acetabula, coxofemoral subluxation, remodeling of the acetabulum, femoral head, or femoral neck, or periarticular osteophytosis, may be present (Figs. The degree of radiographic change does not necessarily correlate with the clinical signs. A, the anteroposterior view reveals severe subluxation of the stifle with lateral displacement of the tibia. B, the lateral view reveals mild cranial displacement of the femur relative to the tibia. The ilial shafts are displaced cranially from their normal junction with the sacrum (open arrows).

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Bone marrow bithat it safely reaches the histology laboratory opsies may simply be placed directly into a tisand that it is easily identied for embedding and sue cassette without any further manipulation purchase tretinoin cream, sectioning purchase tretinoin cream american express. Minute tissue fragments should be while the dissection of complex bone resections 6 Surgical Pathology Dissection may require a multistep process involving special xation is simply that it takes time. Fixation of chemical reagents, imaging machines, and bone larger specimens may require submersion in forsaws. Delays caused section guidelines for most of the specimens you by xation can be eliminated by dissecting and will encounter, a few general guidelines underlie sampling the specimen while it is fresh. For example, tage of specimen xation is that certain diagnosa small peripheral lung tumor may be readily tic studies require fresh, unxed tissues. Simply men radiographs, for example, may be necessary skip this step if your institution does not x specito uncover the size and location of a lesion when mens before dissection or if fresh tissue needs to it involves a bone. Fixative will not diffuse into the center expose the lesion while maintaining its relationof an unopened specimen, especially if the speciships to surrounding structures. Furthermore, side opposite the lesion to maintain the structural a limited dissection is usually needed to expose a integrity of the lesion and to preserve important lesion if fresh tissue is required for frozen section anatomic relationships. The tissue remaining after a specimen has been Fixing the Specimen thoroughly dissected and sampled should not be discarded. Instead, it should be stored in such a Before tissue is processed in the histology laboraway as to ensure easy retrieval and reconstruction tory, it should be well xed. Tissues for storage should be prefer to x the specimen before it is dissected placed in a well-sealed container that holds and sampled, while other institutions would enough xative to cover the specimen. For a given rather you dissect and sample the specimen in case, separate parts should be stored in separate the fresh state. Specimen xation greatly fabeled with the surgical pathology number, the cilitates tissue sectioning. For example, tissue part number, the patient’s name, the patient’s xation permits thin sectioning of fatty tissues, medical record number, and a biohazard warning and it helps to preserve the structural detail of when indicated. Specimens that may be of special thin-walled cysts, mucosa-lined organs, and friainterest, either from a teaching, diagnostic, or ble tumors. One major disadvantage of specimen medicolegal perspective, should be so designated 1. The rst sentence should devices likewise should be placed in a properly identify the patient and the specimen. It should labeled container and segregated into an area tell the reader who the patient is, what the speciwhere they can be stored for long periods of men is, and what structures are present. Unlike routine tissue scription should then move from one individual specimens, storage of these prosthetic devices component of the specimen to another in a methoddoes not require xation. Proceed from overall to specic, When preparing a specimen for storage, anticifrom abnormal to normal, and from relevant to pate the need to return to the specimen at a later ancillary. The best way to avoid a description that time, either to review the gross ndings or to is fragmented and chaotic is to dictate after the submit more sections for histology. This specimen may be quite fragmented and distorted approach allows one to gather all of the informafollowing its dissection, efforts should be made tion, then integrate the gross ndings into a narto reconstruct the specimen before placing it on rative that is comprehensive and complete. There are many examples of how A factual description is one that records the this can be done. With ated soft tissues can be separately wrapped and few exceptions, these characteristics include the labeled according to their respective regional size, weight, color, shape, and consistency of levels. Residual slices of a serially sectioned organ the specimen and any specic lesions. Among can be fastened together in their original posithese, size is particularly important. Important landmarks can be designated ple, in resections of neoplasms, the size of the with tags or safety pins.