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Foursquare moves on from the checkin

Death to the Check-in (one can hope)

I was reading Christina Warren’s article on Foursquare’s transition from stalking tool…I mean check-in app…to Yelp clone and couldn’t help but hope that this is the end of the check-in.  I realize they moved this to their new app Swarm and that Facebook still enables this sort of feature but enough is enough.

I believe we all need to assume a certain level of personal responsibility but technology companies also have a responsibility to develop products that, I don’t know, don’t put us in eminent danger.  Foursquare and their check-in nonsense was about as great a risk to personal safety as one can imagine.  Encouraging people to share with the world and every knucklehead in it exactly where you are grabbing a coffee early in the morning or drink late at night is insanity.  And let’s not forget how haphazardly they treated this data by allowing open access to their API and the birth of the Girls Around Me app.  Only after significant outcry did they button up the API.

I don’t know whether their version of Yelp will be a success but feel, as Christina points out, they’re a bit late to the game and Yelp is so synonomous that they have an awful lot of catching up to do.  I’m just happy to see them moving away from the check-in centric model and hope this is the end of a ridiculous and dangerous trend.

Stop checking in, good people.  If not for me, then for the children.

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I Found Your Address in Google, Why Don’t I Drop By

If you’re like me, you hate the drop by.  So dreaded is the drop by that I lived by a rule of not making friends in apartment buildings I’ve lived in.  We all have a cell phone glued to our ear or thumbs.  We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any number of ways in which our friends and loved ones can drop us a line to see if it’s cool to drop in.  But what about perfect strangers?  Thanks to stalking websites like Spokeo and Intelius, absolutely anyone can purchase your address and drop by unannounced.  It happens more often than you think, it happened to someone I know, and is one of the main reasons I jumped in the privacy ring.

But worry not internet friend, these sites state that they are for connecting lost loved ones and such.  Surely no one, such as that creep you met on OkCupid (I really hope you didn’t meet him), would use one of these services for a nefarious purpose.  Nor would that coworker who always seemed a bit off in the break room and was recently let go.  Or that guy who always seems to be at the market when you are.  Of course these sites wouldn’t enable them to gain access to your personal information and violate your privacy and safety.  Yeah they would; and happily.  You see, this is what their entire business model is built on and business is good.

If you haven’t lately (or *gasp* ever), run a Google search on yourself and you’ll see these stalkers best friends tripping over each other for expensive, premium ad space just itching to sell your personal details.  If you think this should be illegal, I agree, but unfortunately it is not as they are simply pulling public record information, making it easily searchable and, naturally, profiting off of it.

Hey now, say these enablers of creep, we allow you to find your personal record and remove it.  After, of course, you meander through our maze of steps designed to frustrate you into abandoning the process.  And don’t mind that in many cases you have to signup and give us your email address in order to deactivate your listing.  P.S., as soon as your public record is updated, your listing will reappear.

In addition to the burdensome removal process, there are hundreds of sites listing this information for sale and your choices in combating this are unfortunately few.  You can attempt to manage these records yourself but I’ve done it and it is both frustrating and time consuming.  The other option is to use an anti-stalking tool like SafeShepherd or  These fine folks will monitor and remove your information from these sites for a small monthly fee.  Our service is also designed to negate the creepers as your name and address are not collected and therefore these sites have no way to link your number to you.  We can help moving forward but you need something to cleanup what is already available.

I recommend using a service and putting the time you save to reading this blog or thinking of the next best Kickstarter campaign.  However, if you enjoy banging your head against a wall, here are a few helpful links to get you started with some of the biggest offenders.

People Smart
Google Person Finder
Zaba Search
Search Bug

Stay safe fellow traveler.  I’m sorry I had to be the bearer of bad news but I encourage you to share this with anyone you care about.  This scourge is rampant but without your data, they have no viable business.


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