Why do we keep enabling keyboard warriors

The Keyboard Warrior Goes Mobile

Why do we keep enabling the keyboard warrior?

I just read an article by Jordan Crook at TechCrunch about yet another gossip thingie called Leak which lets you send an email anonymously.  You know, so you don’t need to put your name to some bullshit you want to send to another.  Or, as she so eloquently put it, “totally mess with their head.”

Near as I can tell, it’s another spin on Secret or Whisper and another way in which people can avoid all responsibility for or repercussions of their actions.  Their actions generally being talking nonsense about others, companies, co-workers and the like.  What possible good can come of services like this and why do people continue thinking up ways to enable keyboard warriors?  Oh, I know, because VC’s pay for installs.

There are obviously some smart people behind these thingies (I refuse to call them products or services) and surely they could put those brains to use figuring out bigger problems than how to brag about getting laid on the copy machine or complaining about the food in your office cafeteria without anyone knowing it’s you doing the ghostwriting.

Anonymity for Good, Not Gossip.

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