Comic Con puts the Kibosh on Glasstrolls

Abandon Glass All Ye Who Enter Here

I’m a little late to the game here (pun intended) and unfortunately it isn’t because I’ve been traveling from San Diego, my second favorite city.  Nevertheless, I must share a recent delight with you my loyal reader….readers.  I meant readers.

I’m not a gamer and I didn’t grow up collecting comic books but I am a new found fan of Comic-Con.  No, not because of the cosplay (well, OK, that too) but because they put the ol’ kibosh on hoards of descending Glassholes.

As Gawker so eloquently pointed out, “When that “naturally receptive” audience is sending you home, what’s left?”  

I am a big Google honk.  I’ve had two different Android phones and an Android tablet.  I absolutely love Apple garbage like them not delivering text message when users switch away from their phones.  Nobody takes a little ribbing as seriously as an Apple Fanperson, of which I know many.  But Google and I see very differently on this matter.

Glass has the potential to be the single most invasive piece of technology ever invented.  In part, because those who want to wear it are invasive by nature.  Take the former Business Insider reporter who was beat-up for wearing Glass “in the wrong part of San Francisco.” (hint: it had less to do with the part of San Francisco you were in and more to do with the creep-cam on your mug)  Or the Glass owners who troll restaurants (Glasstrolls!  I need to TM that) for not allowing them to wear glass inside because, I don’t know, the other 99.9% of their customers were uncomfortable at the proposition of being filmed by the pale, sweaty dude in the hoodie.  These are perfect examples of the self-absorbed nature of the vast majority of people who clamored to get glass and have a “look at me” moment and every time I hear of their creepy nonsense being pushed back on, I rejoice.

Comic-Con you crafty devil.  I may have a new excuse to go to San Diego next year.  For that, and the cosplay, I thank you.


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