#VoicesHavePower Verizon Helps Dating and Domestic Violence Prevention

Verizon Wireless has launched a HopeLine program called Voices Have Power through which they will donate $3 for every message of hope to help support dating and domestic violence awareness initiatives.  They have created a social hashtag of #VoicesHavePower to help raise awareness to the campaign and provide additional support.

From the website:

“Through Voices Have Power, every one of us can share our unique voice and take part in the national effort to put an end to this issue. For every message of hope submitted by someone such as yourself, we will donate $3 toward supporting proven and innovative dating and domestic violence prevention programs produced by our national and local campaign partners. Here are the ways a message of hope can be shared:

1. On your favorite social, share a message of hope on your favorite social network with the hashtag #VoicesHavePower

2. On your phone, text a message of hope to #94079

3. On voiceshavepower.com, write or select a previously generated message of hope”

Verizon has been a longtime supporter of sexual assault and domestic violence awareness, support and education initiatives, including a current partner in this program, Break the Cycle.

This is an excellent campaign and well worth the time it will take you to text a quick message of support and share with those you know.

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