The Benefits of an Anonymous Phone Number

The Benefits of an Anonymous Phone Number

Caller ID is commonplace for cell phone users, but it wasn't always a de facto feature. Before mobile devices were invented, it was virtually impossible to know who was making your phone ring, unless you had purchased caller identification hardware. Being able to see who is calling makes it easy to screen out telemarketers, but have you ever considered the advantages of having your own anonymous phone number?

What is it?

You may think you can only have one phone number on your mobile device, but thanks to modern technology, this is no longer the case. These days, it’s easy to have a second phone number that you can use for many purposes. Having two phone numbers on one phone is simple, as both sets of digits can be used as an ordinary number. You can set limits on your second set of digits, meaning you can shut it off at certain times, block numbers from calling or dispose of it and purchase a replacement if you need to.

For Professionals

There are a number of different professions that can utilize an anonymous phone number. For example, individuals who frequently deal with members of the public, such as actors, writers or bartenders, can use one phone number for family and friends and a second for fans or patrons.

Small businesses that employ a "bring-your-own-device" policy can use this technology to their advantage. Allowing workers to use their own devices at the office for business purposes can save costs, but it can also lead to a decline in productivity if staff members are taking personal calls and texts while on company time. Providing every employee with a second phone number will allow them to dedicate one line solely to business, and they can shut off their personal number while at the office.

For Personal Use

It's not all business when it comes to anonymous phone numbers - they can come in handy for individuals who use the internet for dating. Having a disposable phone number that you can list on a dating profile will allow you to get rid of and replace the set of digits if they fall into the wrong hands. Those who sell or purchase items online through sites like Craigslist can also use a virtual phone number when dealing with other users.

There's no doubt that a private phone number can be useful in this day and age. Whether you’re diving into the online dating scene or struggling with productivity at the office, consider listing a second phone number to make life easier.